Monday, 24 June 2013

Green cleaning using household ingredients - Black & Decker, India

Tired of yet another allergic reaction to that strong chemical cleaning agent? I have an even tougher time with an allergic child around at home – even strong smells can set something off. I have come to realize over the past few months that there are many cleaning agents that we have lying around in our kitchen or home that we don’t realize the utility of:

Baking soda: The next time you are trying to remove a stain from a vessel, instead of scrubbing and using strong cleaning agents, just add baking soda and pour hot water on it. It works like magic, and is a most cost-effective solution too.

Vinegar: A diluted vinegar spray, along with some baking soda can remove even stubborn stains from bathroom tiles. I also recently heard about using vinegar as an ant repellant, hope to try that out sometime soon. Your local kirana shop should have a large bottle of vinegar that will last you for a lot of cleaning.

Citrus juices and peels: Do not discard those orange peels as they have great cleaning properties. Just rub them on stained areas, and leave for a few minutes before scrubbing lightly and you’ll see most stains clear up. Can you imagine the difference from those acidic agents that hurt our hands and feet while using them?

These ideas can make a good beginning to green cleaning and I hope you would like to try them out too. I would also love to hear from you on what worked for you! While on the subject of eco-friendly cleaning, do check out the Steam Mop that can eliminate germs up to 99.9% using just steam, and other products from Black & Decker:

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