Friday, 28 June 2013

DIY Gifts that Kids can Make - Black & Decker, India

Let’s stop and look at DIY as a different approach to gifting. If we introduce our children to this concept at an early age, they will learn to think about repurposing and recycling as a way of life. You don’t have to worry that kids may not be able to attempt any complicated projects, as here are some easy ones:

Wrapping paper: Before thinking of gifts, let’s think of one really easy and fun project for kids. Take any old newspaper and use a printing technique on it, to get the more creative and original wrapping papers ever! You can use vegetables like okra, or the bottoms of plastic cups for the printing.

Handmade cards: You can use the above printing techniques, or even use spray paints using old plastic bottles as sprays and teach kids to make lovely cards for events in your family. This is also an activity that kids can do without much supervision as long as you protect floors and clothes from getting too messy.

Coasters from waste: Using old CDs or cardboard sheets as a base, and fabric or colourful paper to cover it up, your kids can make lovely coasters to serve as gifts. You can help them with finishing the products by a layer of lamination to make it long-lasting too.

Jewelry: Slightly older children can learn to braid and make bracelets out of leftover threads and twine. They can also make pendants from old coins, with just a little help from you. Aunts and grandmothers will treasure such items a lot more than any store-bought gifts.

We hope these ideas can spark off even more creative ones at your home. Do let us know the results of trying them out! At B&D we hope to make DIY a bigger part of your lives, and we hope that starting small will lead to a lot of DIY projects from your end too J. Do check out our products at:

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