Thursday, 4 July 2013

5 Important Garden Care Tips for the Monsoons - Black & Decker, India

The monsoon season can be a time for a lot of new life in your garden, and it can be very exciting to see the changes every day. Though a lot of aspects like watering are taken care of if your plants are outdoors, this doesn't need that they don’t need care at all. Here are some tips:

Well-drained soil: The most common cause of losing plants during the rains is if the water stagnates in the pots. Make sure the soil is draining well without blockages, and free any blocked holes if any to improve the flow of water. In case of some succulents and cacti that don’t need daily watering, you can try to keep in a sheltered area at this time too.

Pruning: Ensure that the dry leaves and branches have been pruned well before the rains start. This ensures that the plant can concentrate its energies on the new leaves and shoots, and the growth will be much better.

Support: Plants with weak stems may be affected by heavy rain and wind, so make sure that these are staked and supported well. In case you feel the plants are too exposed, you can think of a temporary shelter during this season too (Try some DIY with B&D tools!)

Diseases: If leaves remain wet and don’t have enough air circulation, you might find an increase in some fungal diseases like leaf spot or powdery mildew. Try to ensure a good aeration so that the plants don’t remain damp, as well as apply some organic fungicides to control this problem.
Plan according to the season: You cannot sow a sun loving plant during the monsoon season and expect it to do well. Try out plants that are known to do well in semi-shade, you will find even herbs like pudina/mint and parsley will fit this bill.

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