Monday, 15 July 2013

Carpeting your floors – Should you do it? - Black & Decker, India

Some of us who have lived abroad might have experienced the luxury of fully carpeted floors. This makes a lot of sense especially in colder countries as it makes it much easier to move around the house. Does carpeting make sense in India though? Let’s take a quick look:

·         It makes it much more comfortable to walk around especially in colder climates when the floor gets really cold.
·         You can change the colour of your floor depending on your décor.
·         A well-chosen carpet can give a rich and luxurious appearance.
·         It keeps the floor protected from wear and tear.
·         It may be cheaper to replace the carpet than to change your entire flooring.
·        Carpets can be very easy to clean with a good vacuum cleaner (Check out Black & Decker’s range here)

·         Stains can be tough to clean, so you have to be extra careful to try to not drop anything.
·         Carpets can gather more dust, and it may not be the right choice when you have people or children with allergies.
·         They can be tough to clean if you have a lot of furniture.
·         The expertise of wall-to-wall carpeting may not yet be easily available locally.

Are there are more important pros or cons we may have missed out here? Do let us know if you think of something, and also your personal views regarding carpeting. A mid-way solution would be to go for a large carpet in your living areas and bedrooms, but avoid wall-to-wall if you are not convinced about it. Cleaning is one aspect you don’t need to worry about, when you have B&D’s range of cleaning appliances to make it easier for you! Do check out details at our website:

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