Saturday, 27 July 2013

Add a Dash of Colour to Your Living Space - Black & Decker, India

Just because the weather is playing games outside doesn't mean you can't cheer up your space! Bring some life onto your home by adding a riot of colours. Why stick to boring beige when you can add a dash of colour to your otherwise plain and boring décor? A splash of bright colours on the walls can make white cabinetry and framed photos pop instantly! Be it in the workplace, outdoors and at home too, here are some cool ways to splash some colour this season.

Nothing looks nicer than a vibrant look at home. De-clutter your living space and get more organized. A few changes can make a big difference. Change your upholstery and soft furnishing to speak of the season. Throw in sheer curtains in yellow, pink, green or blue. Add bright matching cushions to add to the look. In summer, replace warm quilts with light and airy 
Keep plants in your balconies in colourful earthen pots. Indoor plants make a home look clean and fresh. Planters make a delightful presence and it adds to the décor as well. Don’t forget to keep a vase of your favourite flowers on your table top, or a colourful bowl of fruit on the dining table. Not only do they look good, but they also lighten up the living room.

Create an inviting entryway that begs to be noticed the moment you walk through the door. Painting the opposite wall a warm shade like deep yellow creates depth and adding a wall mirror enhances the effect. Also, play with patterns, textures and colours. Be bold and try out something different without making it look out of place. Choose themes that go with your lifestyle and personality. With simple and inexpensive changes your home could look as good as new.

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