Friday, 19 July 2013

Which is the right vacuum cleaner for you? - Black & Decker, India

There are a wide variety of appliances available in the market nowadays, and when deciding to buy a vacuum cleaner for the first time it can get tough to choose! Here are some tips to make the decision easier for you:

Heavy duty or light cleaning: If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner to be your primary floor-cleaning appliance, it is best to choose one of the corded, heavier and more powerful ones like the B&D VM1630. For quicker cleaning up, pick up a cordless lightweight one to keep at hand for sudden spills. If you choose one like the Orb-it, it might serve as a showpiece too.

Area to clean: There are different options available for heavy-duty home cleaning, which would also serve to clean your outdoor spaces using the blower option if necessary. For specialized cleaning such as in your car, you can go for a cordless handheld car vacuum cleaner. We have many options for car vacuums in B&D as well.

Including wet spills: Vacuum cleaners have traditionally been for dry cleaning, but newer versions can handle wet areas as well. If you’re looking at floor cleaning, you can go for a larger model, or for quick spill clean up, there are cordless versions from B&D as well.

Do you have any other specific cleaning needs that we may have missed out here? Do let us know and we’ll try to address the point in this blog post.

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