Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Appliance Buying Guide from B&D

A large home appliance can be quite a big investment, and doing our research before deciding which one to buy is really important. Here are a few tips that could help you make up your mind:

Matches your need: Appliances now come in many models and variants, and it is important to know which one fits our need the best. It is not necessary to always buy the most powerful one, as we might actually not use this at full power. Take for example the PW1370TD 100 Bar Pressure Washer which is the entry level in our pressure washers but is ideal for home cleaning needs.

Ease of use: Choose the appliance with the user in mind. A younger user may be able to use the heavy-duty vacuum cleaner with ease, but an elderly person may not find it as easy, and a smaller vacuum cleaner or the steam mop might be ideal for them.
Power consumption: It is impossible to avoid power usage, but do analyze the amount of power an appliance would use, depending on the amount of time you use it for everyday. This is so that your power bills would not surprise you later.

Servicing: After sales service is an important aspect of any purchase, but we don’t always pay attention to this point. Do check out our service centers around India, using this page.

What else do you take into consideration before buying an appliance? Do share your thoughts with us. Do drop in to our website to check out our range of appliances to choose from: http://www.blackanddeckerindia.in

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