Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dust-proofing your home - Black & Decker, India

Keeping our homes free from dust is not just a matter of the place looking clean, but is also about keeping our family free of allergies. Dust is something you just cannot avoid, as it seems to accumulate by magic even in a completely closed up house! Here are a few simple steps that can help us out in dust-proofing our homes:

De-cluttering: One of the biggest sources of dust is all the excess clutter that collects in our homes. I’m talking about that forgotten shelf in the base of your cupboard and those overflowing under-bed containers! All such places can hold a lot of dust if not cleaned up regularly. It also helps to get rid of old and unused items every couple of months, a lot of which can be given to charity if in good condition.

Use the right dust cloth: Unless your dust cloth or duster gathers the dust well, all you could be doing is to move it around or unsettle it into the surrounding air. Use a good microfiber or otherwise slightly stickier material, and try to use a damp cloth for water resistant surfaces like metal or glass.

A good vacuum: Once your cloth dusting is done, the next important necessity is an efficient vacuum cleaner that can help take care of any particles settled on the floor after dusting. If you have a carpet, make sure it is vacuumed regularly to ensure least dust build-up. Other items that benefit from a good vacuum cleaning are blinds, mattresses and sofa upholstery.

I hope these tips make a good start to dust-proofing your homes and keeping your family healthy. Please do share your comments and suggestions on what works well for you.

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