Thursday, 12 September 2013

DIY Bucket List

For anyone who has stepped into the world of DIY and tried out a few simple tasks, drilling that first hole in the wall to knock in a nail is just the beginning! It is then time to start getting a bit more ambitious and aiming at tougher projects as we go along. We tried to put together a few items we would like on our DIY bucket list, i.e. we would like to have tried these out at some point in the DIY journey:

Make a piece of furniture: One of the most lasting memories you could leave behind would be to craft a piece of handmade furniture. Make it a quirky one, or a unique piece like this coffee table if you are looking for something that makes a d├ęcor statement as well. Once you start investigating, you would be surprized at the availability of discarded crates and wooden pallets right in your neighbourhood.

Paint a wall: Not as long lasting as that piece of furniture, but this is a task that can make you feel really good at the end of it. Pick up one wall of your living room and turn it into an accent piece, and see the difference it makes to your living space. We have appliances like the BDPR400 RapidRoller from B & D that make it much easier for even a beginner to attempt this task.

Repurposing worn out clothing: Even if we give away clothes, we are still left with loads of items that are not good enough to give away, but in good condition otherwise. We can repurpose them into useful forms by making bags like this one, and loads of other smaller bags and container as well.

For those of you into gardening, there is a whole lot of DIY stuff you can make for the garden which is definitely on some of our bucket lists as well. Containers from pallets or a hanging herb garden like this one are just some of the options.

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