Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Eco Friendly Tips to remove Stubborn Stains

While kids might come up with challenges like grass and mud stains it is equally possible for us adults to deal with others from wine that are even tougher to remove. Especially when trying to avoid strong chemical cleaners, it gets difficult to find tried and tested options for the same. Here are green cleaning options for some stubborn stains:

Mud and dirt: These might look scary but are in fact one of the easiest to remove. Just soak in your eco friendly detergent for a few hours, and then wash as usual. For a bad stain, do a spot treatment with the same detergent as well before the soaking process.

Wine: The most often found tip of putting salt on the stain works very well if you are prompt with the response. If the salt turns pink you know that it has pulled out most of the stain, and then you can soak in detergent for a few hours and wash as usual.

Blood: Salt might be effective here as well, as long as the stain has not dried out. You can also use baking soda as an alternative. Keep soaking in cold water along with changing the water from time to time before the final wash. Make sure that the treatment is done as soon as possible, as dry bloodstains can get very difficult to remove completely.

Water stains on your floor can look really unsightly, but for these you have an easy solution in using the Steam Mop from Black & Decker. Using just the power of steam and no chemical additives, you can clean as well as eliminate 99.9% of germs! For this, and our other products do check out our site:

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