Friday, 20 September 2013

Tips to teach kids about DIY

DIY is not just something that kids should learn, it is a way of life. It is a great way to teach children to be independent and to think about how to do something themselves, instead of expecting help for it. This doesn’t mean we are suggesting handing your toddler a drill just yet, but there are many ways in which you can reinforce an interest in DIY:

Setting an example: This is always the first step when trying to teach kids about something. If we say something, and do something else, kids are very fast to pick up and will not really learn what we expect them to. I think most parents would be nodding their heads to this already. So let’s pick up that drill and make that first hole in the wall, to start our kids on the DIY journey as well.

Introduce DIY kits: Whether your kids are interested in cars or dolls, buy them something where they would have to put together a car or toy instead of just getting it readymade. You would be surprized to note that this retains their interest in the toy as well, as they would realize the work that goes into it.

Making a kite can be a great DIY activity for kids
Involve them in simple chores: Unless we introduce children to simple tasks, they would never know their capability at doing something. Even a 4 year old can fill those water bottles if you provide the means to do it. A fun activity like packing gifts or even making some on their own is a great one to do with kids. You will definitely see them have a sense of pride at achieving something new.

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