Monday, 9 September 2013

Tips for Easy Furniture Care

Quite a few of us would identify with the feeling of seeing a few months old sofa set that is already beginning to look worn out! To avoid this, as well as rejuvenate our furniture, here are some tips:

Periodic Dusting and Vacuuming: Use a soft cloth to wipe your furniture and keep it dust free. If necessary to use a damp one for effective cleaning, ensure that the dampness is wiped off immediately whether for wood or metal surfaces. A regular vacuuming along with removing of cushions and cleaning out the gaps is also recommended. Check out our lightweight hand-vacuums for this task.

Re-polishing: It is not necessary to use a professional’s help for this, you can even do it at home using homemade furniture polish! Just use a combination of olive oil and lime juice and you will be surprized by the fresh new look of your furniture.

Avoid staining: Keeping hot or cold drinks directly only wooden furniture is a sure way to invite stains and marks, so make sure that coasters are accessible for family members and guests to use. If you have small children at home, try to make sure that food and drinks that tend to spill are out of range of your furniture J.
Looks great but tougher to maintain?

Upholstery care: Cloth upholstery can be tougher to maintain, so try to go for a removable and washable type if possible. If not, wiping with a soft cloth along with vacuuming should help prolong life. You must also ensure immediate spot removal of any stains or spills. Whatever your type of upholstery, cushions and sofa backs are a great way to add to your d├ęcor as well as maintain the life of your upholstery.
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