Tuesday, 27 November 2012

5 Easy DIY Decor ideas - Black & Decker

There are a lot of things that we can do by ourselves around the house, that we usually do not attempt to, just because we are not used to it. It is time to stop being at the mercy of the carpenter or painter, and find out how interesting it is to attempt such projects. Here are 5 easy DIY ideas to help with the décor of your home:

Wall accent: A great way to bring a room alive is to paint one wall, ideally one that light falls on during the day, in a vibrant colour, or with some textures on it. The paint is easily available in any hardware store, and the techniques are not at all difficult to learn. If you feel hesitant, start with a simple painting technique and move to textures later. 

Photo wall: Introduce a conversation piece along with celebrating your memories – by taking up an entire wall or a part of it for photos of you with your family and friends. You can put individual photos onto a larger frame and hang it up as 1 or 2 large pieces, or you can hang the pieces individually. It is very easy to do all the carpentry work required by just using a home toolkit.

Use those glass bottles: Your old glass bottles can be a great way to add a pop of colour to your rooms. Fill them with different coloured beads or stones, or even swirl a bit of glass paint around to make them look completely different – there are many tutorials you can find online such as this one.

Be seasonal: Diwali and Christmas are just two of the many festivals we celebrate and just these two can give rise to so many décor ideas. From decorated diyas to DIY Christmas ornaments, there is a lot you can try, and you can always have a seasonal corner or nook in your living room to celebrate the festival.

Upcycle a piece of furniture: The newest term is to upcycle, not just recycle. This means you can take a drab looking but basically sound piece of furniture, and with a fresh coat of paint make it look completely different and worth being the focal point of the room.

These are just some ideas for home décor - try it yourself, it’s strangely addictive. Using a trustworthy toolkit like the ones from Black & Decker can be all you need to increase your confidence. Check out our products at:

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