Friday, 9 November 2012

Tips for a Green Diwali - Black & Decker

The festival of lights has been celebrated in a traditional manner for years, and we are all aware of how this has increased smog and allergen levels in our cities. Along with the dip in temperatures, there is a lot of concern about how this might aggravate allergies, as mentioned in this article. One way of doing our little bit towards reducing the pollution is to make an effort to celebrate a green, eco-friendly Diwali. Here are some simple things you can do to make it happen:

More lights, less crackers: While most families find it difficult to move away from the traditional cracker bursting, many have also adopted this rule with gusto. Remember that there are eco-friendly crackers available as an option, though more expensive than the traditional ones. Use these as a step towards a cracker-less Diwali if you feel that a complete ban would be difficult. Where lights are concerned, avoid excessive electric lighting, and use traditional lamps. 

Greener gifts: From healthy gifting options to gifting a plant in a lovely small terracotta pot, you have a lot of ideas to choose from for a gift for diwali. Rather than gifting crackers or unhealthy fried snacks, do encourage your family and friends to try the eco-friendly route. Setting up your own kitchen garden and gifting seedlings from your own plants is also a great way to do this.

Spread the message of giving: New clothes are an expected part of Diwali, but it is also a good time to introduce a sense of generosity in children by setting an example ourselves. Not just giving away old clothing, but making a gift of new clothing and toys to the less fortunate is a good way to do this.

Clean in the complete sense: Cleaning our homes is something that has always been done over the years at the time of this festival. This can be extended to include other green tips such as waste segregation, composting, avoiding plastics and other environment friendly activities, which will be our legacy to future generations of our family.

Even with us doing our bit, it will take a lot longer for this message to spread, and therefore cleaning after Diwali is a sure aftermath of this festival too. At such a time, check out our effective cleaning options at Black & Decker, to help keep your home dust, cracker residue and allergen free. Please visit our website for more details: 

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