Friday, 16 November 2012

Why you would need a pressure cooker in your kitchen? - Black & Decker

A pressure cooker is the most versatile and handy cookware in the kitchen. So, if you have been putting off buying one because you don’t know the advantages of having one, you might consider revising your decision after going through the following.

Cooks in less time: Most traditional methods of cooking consume a lot of time and by the time the dish is cooked, a lot of energy and time are lost. A pressure cooker uses just about 1/3 rd of the normal cooking time, hence is an effective tool to minimize the use of cooking gas and our time. It is a great aid when cooking quick, one-pot family meals.

Using pressure cooker

Healthier way of cooking: Since a pressure cooker uses less water and cooks in the steamed water, the vital nutrients are not lost which happens in the other methods of cooking. It retains the flavor and works well for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Safe to use: Pressure cooker these days come with high and multiple safety features which makes them very safe to use. There is no danger of the steam causing the lid to blow off due to safety valves and locks. You also have a lot of sleek and lovely designs to choose from.

Economical and green option: Using a pressure cooker saves up on the natural resources and money. The newer models are multi-faceted and can be used on all kinds of cooking stoves including induction ones. Since the direct effect is lesser consumption of energy, it is a way to go-green.

 Easy to use: A pressure cooker is totally a no-fuss-equipment that can be used with minimum instructions and is also easy very to clean.

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