Tuesday, 6 November 2012

How to keep your upholstery sparkling clean - Black & Decker

Did you ever look at the state of your upholstered furniture, and think to yourself “Well I have kids (or pets) in the house!”. I know just how that feels, but there are some ways in which you can keep your upholstery in great condition even with a few spills along the way. Here are some tips:

Use headrest and armrest covers: This is a great way to keep furniture protected from staining, and these can be rewashed very easily. Keep an extra set of covers handy, so that you don’t need to wait for your wash cycle to finish for changing the covers. You can also keep a special decorative set for when you are entertaining.

Clean and vacuum regularly: Don’t leave the vacuuming for the time your furniture starts looking dirty; instead have a regular schedule for couch cleaning. If you have pets, you must definitely use a soft brush to remove hair once a day – even if your pet does not sit on the couch, pet hair has a way of getting on things. If your furniture has removable cushions, it is a good idea to remove and clean under them, and turn the cushions over, once a week or so. Use a smaller handheld vacuum for making this activity easier.


Regulate messy activities: Have a special area for activities that you think might create a mess, such as a special plastic mat or a corner of your kid’s room. In this way, children easily get used to the rule of not doing such things on the couch or sofa.

Handle stains immediately: It is difficult to regulate everything, and sometimes even your tea or coffee might spill on the upholstery. In such a case, have a spot cleaning method ready and perform a blotting/cleaning immediately. Leaving it for later will make it close to impossible once the stain has soaked in and dried up.

Using the right implements for cleaning is as important as maintaining a regular schedule. Do check out our range of cleaning products (both powered and non-powered) on our website:

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