Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How to keep your floors clean when you have a crawling baby - Black & Decker

One of the big concerns for parents of young babies is when their child starts crawling around on the floor. Suddenly the floor or carpet that was never a worry begins to look as though it’s teeming with dust and bacteria! Here are some easy ways in which you can make sure your floor is clean enough for your baby:

Put things away immediately: When something falls on to the floor, try to clean it up or put it away at once. The longer something lies around, the higher the possibility of it being forgotten, and this could lead to sharp or inappropriate objects lying within reach of the baby.

Keep pets in a separate space: If you have pets in the house, especially a breed of dogs that shed a lot, try to keep your baby in a different area from them as much as possible. This helps to keep allergens away from your child especially at a young and susceptible age, but as they grow older they will grow more resistant.

Leave shoes outside: Try to avoid shoes bringing outside dirt and germs coming into the space where babies are going to be crawling. This may not be possible in your main living space always, but keep a couple of rooms shoe-free so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the floor every time your baby starts moving around.

Vacuum and mop regularly: Most of the above steps will help in keeping your floors clean, but the best way to ensure this is by having a regular cleaning regimen. You would definitely not want to use any strong smelling or skin unfriendly chemicals when your baby’s going to be so close to the floor for a few months. Using the vacuum or a product like the steam mop are an efficient way to keep your floor free from dirt and germs in an eco-friendly way. Other products like lime and vinegar can also help even with stained floors.

Once you set some simple rules, you will be surprised by how simple it is to stop worrying about your baby crawling around and to instead enjoy this phase of her life.

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