Friday, 4 January 2013

6 Easy Car Maintenance Tips - Black & Decker

With the dust flying all around, our vehicles that are parked in the open air really face the brunt of it all. Most places don’t have an easy car wash facility, and in any case it is not always possible to go to an external agency to get your car cleaned. We can start with some simple ways to easily maintain the car, and here are some tips:

Avoid messy food in the car: Make it a rule to minimize or avoid food that might lead to a mess on the upholstery. This includes biscuits or crumbly cakes, or anything that is in a semi-liquid state. Try to stick to dry food that can be made into bite size portions and just popped into the mouth.

Use water effectively: You can wash your car quite easily with an optimal amount of water. There is no need to leave the pipe or tap running for a long time, instead try other methods such as using a pressure washer which uses the motor pressure to clean your car very efficiently.

Cleaning the seats: Before shampooing the seats, remove all the loose particles using a compact vacuum. Black & Decker for example has some cordless models like the Orb-it that are great for quick cleanups on the go, as well as auto vacuums designed for cleaning car interiors. A vacuum is the best way to reach all the nooks and folds of the seats.

The right cloth: It is very important to use the right cloth to wipe the car and especially the glass portions of it. A microfiber cloth works very well for wiping the glass without leaving any stains, as well as cleaning well. There are other options available for the metal portion, but a soft cloth that does not leave behind fibers is ideal.

Check under the bonnet: Don’t forget to check under your hood once all the cosmetic cleaning is complete. Though most good service centers will check for coolant and other needs regularly. It is always better for us to have an idea too.

Polishing: A final step that can be done once every few months is to give the car a good coat of a high grade wax or polish. Use the advised cloth to apply, and then a good machine such as the polisher from Black & Decker to give the final shine.

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