Thursday, 10 January 2013

Top 5 ways you could use a handheld vacuum - Black & Decker India

If you are one of those who wonder why you would need an additional vacuum to your heavy duty upright one at home, here are a few scenarios in which a cordless handheld vacuum can be invaluable to you:

In the car: If you are a family that eats your snacks in the car, on the way to extra classes or games, then you know what I’m talking about. Crumbs have a way of getting into everything, and just brushing them off doesn't do the task well enough. A cordless vacuum comes in very handy in such a situation.

In the kitchen and dining table: For most dry spills in the kitchen, a handheld vacuum can clear up the mess very quickly. It is also very useful as it can reach nooks and crevices more effectively than a broom, so that no spillage is left behind. Especially when you have kids in the house, who are learning to eat by themselves, the dining table tends to be a mess after mealtime. When a light and cordless vacuum is at arm’s length, we can very easily get used to the easy cleaning it offers.

On the stairs: It is difficult to handle a big vacuum on the stairs, so in order to make the job easier a handheld is ideal. You can carry it along easily, as well as clean corners and edges very well with the attachments given with the machine.

On the sofa: Every time you remove or move sofa cushions you can see the amount of dust and debris that collects underneath. To avoid this, set up a regular cleaning schedule with your handheld and you can see the difference. This also helps in reducing allergies around the house as a lot of the hidden dust is taken care of.

Keyboards: The brush attachment of a handheld like the Orb-it is ideal for cleaning your keyboards, be it computer or musical. Usually the gaps between keys always have dust accumulated in them, as these are difficult to clean even with the machine switched off.

Do check out more details about Orb-it and our other cordless handheld models at our website:


  1. This is so cute vacuum Cleaner.

  2. Yeah! its too Handy & looks Great, hope i will win & gift it to my Maa, so that, it will be very much helpful for my Maa...