Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Why get a hand-held vacuum? - Black & Decker India

You might have wondered about the variety of vacuum cleaners available on the market, and about which one would be suitable for your home. You may have a lot of doubts about the elegant looking hand-held vacuum cleaners, and here are some facts that may help you make your decision:

Small but powerful: Some hand-held vacuums may not be suitable for all types of cleaning as they are not powerful enough, but the 7.5W suction power of a vacuum like the Black & Decker Orb-it is ideal for your short cleaning tasks. Whether for a sudden spill or the crevices of the sofa, a cleaner like the Orb-it can get it done very quickly.

Less bulky: While heavy-duty upright vacuums are useful for intensive floor cleaning and similar tasks, for smaller nooks as well as handy usage, the hand vacuum is a very nifty appliance. Especially for seniors and those with back or neck problems where handling the bigger vacuum is a difficult task, the hand vacuum is light and much easier to use. The cordless usage is also a plus in this area.

Battery life: Taking the case of the Orb-it for example, the battery life is about 7 minutes, which is enough time for multiple cleaning tasks at home. Even if you want to take it along on a long drive, it will hold its charge for the time required for any quick cleanups needed along the way.

Convenience of attachments: While the nozzle in a hand held vacuum is already compact enough, they usually come with some useful attachments such as the brush attachment of the Orb-it that is ideal for keyboard cleaning. The crevice attachment also helps in accessing any narrow areas like sofa corners.

Easy charging: Hand-held vacuums usually have compact and convenient charging points, which can also be used as a storage space. When you have a hand-held that is as good looking as the Orb-it, you can even leave it charging on your kitchen slab as it’s a great conversation point too.

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