Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What goes in a DIY Home Utility Kit? - Black & Decker, India

If you are anything like me, the first time you go out to buy a home utility DIY kit, you would definitely be wondering what all those little pieces need to be used for. So here’s a short introduction to the basic tools and pieces in a home utility kit, I am using the one from Black & Decker as an example:

Drilling machine and drill bits: A drilling machine or a drill for simplicity is a powerful substitute for a hammer, and is suitable for most simple drilling tasks around the house. This one can be used for drilling into masonry, which means it can be used for tasks like hanging up a painting or photograph with ease. The drill bits would help with making holes of different sizes as well as for different materials. If you are looking to drill into something unusual, check if the required drill bit is supplied.

Wrenches: The kit contains a Hammer Wrench that is specially designed to hold on to nails or screws while using a hammer for additional force, as well a Combination Wrench that can be used similar to a spanner.

Pliers: This tool is very useful for holding on to objects that cannot be gripped easily by the fingers, especially when force needs to be applied to them. An example would be when pulling out a nail from wood or masonry, where the firm grip helps in applying the force required.

Accessories: This kit comes loaded with a wealth of other accessories from a hacksaw blade to a measuring tape that is all necessary for any DIY activity. A lot of screw-driving and drilling attachments are also a part of this, which you would need while dealing with different sizes and heads of nails and screws.

In short, an ideal home utility kit should provide you with all the necessary tools and accessories required to perform simple DIY tasks at home such as hanging paintings and assembling small pieces of furniture, without having to run to the hardware store for something or the other all the time. Do check out this kit and our other tools and appliances at our website:

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