Friday, 18 January 2013

Woodworking DIY Tips for Beginners - Black & Decker, India

This interesting article puts across the fact that woodworking DIY may indeed be approachable to women too, and one big reason is that easy-to-handle tools are now available so much more easily. Black & Decker offers a range of power tools to assist you with DIY Carpentry jobs around your home. Let us also go through a quick orientation on the basics that we need to ensure before embarking on such a project:

Do your research: Woodworking does not involve just taking wood and tools and going for it. It is also important that we understand the project we are starting, from the type of wood to use to the finish that we want for it. Plywood is usually one of the easiest to work with for beginners, though older and antique kinds of wood also have a lot of charm.

Don’t overreach: When it’s just the first or second time we are going to try something, it’s best to take up smaller projects first, such as a stool or a simple table. Chairs can come next, and basic cabinets, but that bed or dressing table with drawers had better wait a little longer. Similarly, you can go for one of the easier finishes such as sanding and polishing, that can always be redone at a later stage if you feel more confident.

Think about your space: Both in terms of your workspace, as well as where you are going to put the finished product, plan it out well. The workspace could be a garage area in which case you can afford to leave the pieces lying around, but if it’s a part of your living space then it must come with enough storage to put tools and pieces away every day.

Remember to clean up: While a workshop may not need intensive cleaning, floors of the living space definitely need a complete clean up every day as wood chips or slivers lying around can be tough to handle for younger children or crawling babies.

We hope these tips make the project more approachable for you and we would love to hear more about what you are starting work on. Do check out our website for details of our woodworking and other tools:


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