Friday, 25 January 2013

How to have a clean home when you have pets - Black & Decker, India

When you have pets in the house, it can be difficult to keep the house clean. Here are some tips you can follow to maintain the house even with pets around:

Minimize the use of carpets: Pet dander that collects in the fibers of the carpet can be difficult to clean. Also, in case of accidents- a common thing when you have pets at home-, it becomes cumbersome to clean the carpets. It is therefore advisable to restrict the carpeted area in the house.

Scoop out the litter immediately: Litter boxes need to be scooped as quickly as possible to prevent the odour from spreading.

Vacuum often: Use the vacuum cleaner often to clear the hair and pet dander from the floor surfaces, sofa cushions and nooks. Not only do pet hairs look unsightly when on the sofa, they can also cause allergies.

Sweep and Mop every day: The floor can get dirty very fast when you have pets running about from outside to inside. The best way to clean all the dirt would be to religiously sweep and mop the floor every day and if possible more than once in a day.

Cover the furniture: If your pet has a favourite chair or sofa, it is best to have it covered with a bedcover or such-like, at least when you are not expecting any visitors. This way, you’d have only the cover to wash later.

Encourage outdoor time for the pets: Healthy pets, especially dogs, are generally active ones and need a lot of time outdoors. If they are also properly toilet trained, they do their job outside. It is advisable to give them ample outdoor time, so that there are minimal accidents at home and there is less to clean up at home. What’s more? You get your daily quota of exercise too!

Pets can be fun but if proper care is not taken, of them as well as their surroundings, it can become a headache and nasty experience for the owners. So have a cleaner home with these tips and enjoy the time with your favourite pet.

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