Thursday, 3 January 2013

6 Tips to keep your Home Allergen free - Black & Decker

Many of us stay in places where allergies are prone to raise their head at times of season change, and the pollen and other irritants in the air can be a really bad experience for children and adults who are sensitive to them. In such a situation, we can only try our best to make our home an allergen-free zone, and here are some ways we can go about it:

Keep dust away: Dust is one of the biggest factors for allergies, and it is very difficult to keep it at bay, due to the pollution in the air and other reasons like construction activities in the area. The best way to eliminate and clean dust without it rising up in the air is to use a vacuum that quickly sucks it away.

Mattress care: Mattresses can be repositories of dust as well as hosts to bed bugs and it is very important that they be cleaned regularly. This can be done by regular change of sheets and pillow covers, as well as airing them out in sunlight if possible. Use a vacuum for cleaning mattresses at regular intervals as well.

Air purifiers: Purifiers and humidifiers can be a good means of improving the quality of air, especially if you have children who are prone to allergies and have disturbed sleep due to coughing bouts.

Eliminate chemicals: Most cleaning agents have strong smelling chemicals in them that tend to irritate allergies a lot. By moving to natural cleaning agents like baking soda, lime and vinegar, we can reduce these impacts. Another good way of natural cleaning is by using a steam mop that uses just steam for effective cleaning.

Curtains, Blinds and Carpets: These are areas where dust and other allergens can collect over time, and can be especially harmful for young children who play closer to the floor level. Curtains need to be removed and washed regularly, and for the carpets and blinds you can use the different attachments of your vacuum cleaner. You can also use a smaller handheld vacuum for the blinds.

Pest control: Allergic individuals are highly sensitive to pests and their effects. Droppings from cockroaches or even a bite from an ant or mosquito can set off a severe reaction, and it is always better to be careful in advance. Try some eco-friendly pest control methods and creams and try to keep these pests at bay.

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