Tuesday, 22 January 2013

De-clutter your home this season and re-energize the place - Black & Decker, India

Is your home over-flowing with unwanted items and forever looking like a tornado-hit place? Does the thought of de-cluttering send you scooting under cover or feeling lost as you don’t know where to begin?

Do not despair. We have a few easy tips for you to achieve the best results of your cleaning spree and it will also leave your home much cleaner, organized and bursting with positive energy.

For the clothes:

Discard, donate, and re-use: The rule of the thumb is to discard clothes that are lying unused for more than 6 months. Categorize the stuff into three main piles: one that needs to be discarded since they are not in a good condition, one that can be donated away and the third that has stuff which can be re-used for other stuff.

Sort and arrange: Arrange the clothes in the manner you use them; often worn at a place that is handy and easy to reach and seldom-worn ones at the back. Small clothes like socks, handkerchiefs and underwear can be arranged in neat piles in a basket that can be kept under short hanging wear.

Re-examine every few months: do not wait till the closet is brimming over to begin cleaning. Make an audit every few months to see if the clothes are lying in a disorganized pile and if you are buying more than you are using.

In the kitchen:

Check for the expiry for food items: check all the items in the fridge and cabinets for their expiry and also the frequency of their use. Throw away all that have superseded the expiry date. Also view all the items objectively and see if you use them as often. If not, it is best not to clutter your shelves with such products.

Store items effectively and make a list while shopping: It is best to check the shelves before making the monthly grocery shopping, so that you don’t end up buying the stuff you already have. Also, stick to the list while shopping so that unnecessary items do not land up in the kitchen.

For paper, medicines and cosmetics:

Check for expiry: Medicines that have surpassed their expiry date need to be thrown away. Arrange the medicines in a neat transparent box and keep them in a handy location. The same rule applies for cosmetics too.

Paper: it is best to opt for e-bills but if you still get a lot of paper bills, a basket can be maintained near the doorway for easy storage and every time, the basket is full, the old ones can be filled away in a folder.

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