Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How we can help you maintain your garden and landscape - Black & Decker, India

If you live in an independent house, or in a gated community or apartment, the need to maintain your landscaping can turn into a major activity if not planned for. Along with regular scheduling of the same, it is also a good idea to invest in some tools for this activity. At Black & Decker, we offer you many useful gadgets for an easy maintenance of your landscape and garden space:

Mowing the lawn: Though a lawn looks great when freshly laid and can add a lot of green to your landscape, we all know how it can also spoil the look when overgrown. The easiest and fastest way to keep your lawn area in check is to invest in a lawnmower. Our GR3400 model is lightweight but powerful, and very easy to use. It has an easy adjustment for 5 heights or levels of cutting that can be set with just a single lever.

Hedges made easy: Most large landscaped areas always contain a hedge on the perimeters, which really enhances the look, and helps to contain areas and keep them off-limits too where necessary. Whether a straight and even trim, or in some cases an unusual pattern, the B&D GT110 Hedge Trimmer can make a great addition to your gardening tools. It comes in a very easy to grasp ergonomic design that makes it easy for anybody to use.

Grass cutters: Have you ever tried edging a large area of lawn or overgrown grass? That can be a very difficult task especially if you try to use basic tools such as gardening or pruning scissors, not to mention the longer time it can take you. If you try our grass cutter models that can do a great job even in thick or wet grass, due to the radical E-Drive technology, you will never want to use anything else. Check out the GL310 and GL5530 models for more information.

Hope the short overview on some of the interesting outdoor products we offer at Black & Decker was interesting. For more information on these and many more please do visit our website:

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